PHARMAC is dedicated to providing professional engineering services in clean liquid system to pharmaceutical, household chemicals and personal care, food sectors, etc.

With the deepening of the national strategic plan “Made in China 2025”, we have put an emphasis on developing engineering services in clean liquid systems, including fermentation system, formulation system, purified water system, automatic smart MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and the automation of processing system. Through the interconnection of MES and ERP, we can provide full lifecycle GXP consulting and verification services to enterprises, which furthermore enables us to provide personalized holistic solutions based on each company’s actual demands and future development.

As a wholly owned subsidiary to PNC Process Systems Co.,Ltd (stock symbol: 603690)

Founded in

2003 Years

  • 20


    Brand History

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    8 out of 10

    PHARMAC has cooperated with 8 out of TOP10 pharmaceutical companies around the world

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    Professional team

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